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Two Decades of Finishes.

Niche Trendz' products are proudly created under the guidance of Mark (Marco), a third generation Artisan with over two decades of experience in crafting Home Finishes. Today,
Niche Trendz is proud to share their latest creations — The Shower Niche Collection.


"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

Leonardo da Vinci


North American Sourced Materials.
Hand-Crafted in Canada.

Please click on collections below to view samples.
(Niches come in various colours & sizes. Random shown.)

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PN 1220 Gloss White Chrome
Size: 12"x20"

PN 1224 Matte Black
Size: 12"x24"

PN 1212 Matte Black
Size: 12"x12"

SN 1224 Matte White
Size: 12"x24"

SN 1212 Matte Black
Size: 12"x12"

SN 1224 Matte Black
Size: 12"x24"

NC 1212 Rustic Ivory
Size: 12"x12"

NC 1220 Graphite Grey
Size: 12"x20"

NC 1220 Weathered White
Size: 12"x20"


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